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and what we are here for

We are people! Actually there are two handsful of us here at the office and our aim is to make everything easy: from the pre trip arrangements to the trip itself everything must go smoothly and you should have the time of your life.


Luís | CEO

Together with Ana we founded Mr.Travel back in 2001. I was still working as a tax lawyer at the time, and it pleased me, but I needed a new challenge and that was the kick needed to create the company.
I love just as much to travel within Portugal and abroad. Going back to the places that I know will never desappoint me but I am constantly out and about discovering new ones that I can recommend to friends and clients.
Most amazing trip:
Botswana in África. A safari should be in everyone's bucket-list. I also enjoyed Índia, New York and Barcelona.
A must in Portugal:
My favourite area is Alentejo, specially by the Ocean, for their amazing beaches. A couple of summer weeks here per year are a must for me.
Next stop:

Ana | CFO

It all started in 2001 when Luis and I were looking for a business opportunity and Mr. Travel seemed the right fit. At first I was completely hands-on with all of the details, which gave me a deep understanding of this business, from the moment a client asks for a proposal, all the follow-up during his stay, until the moment he gets back from the trip and of course all management issues. Having the team grown, I am now more in the back office but still proud to see that my team takes just as great care of our incomers and outgoers. Their return for new experiences and recommendations are truely rewarding and are the reason why Mr. Travel is today, nation wise and internationaly, a Tour Operator and a Destination Management Company referrence when it comes to tailor made luxury travel and events organization.

Joana F | Incoming Department

Joana Ferreira has only joined Mr. Travel a little over a year ago but brings with her a lifetime of experience in the field of travel. With a french back-bone, and knowing Portugal as she does the palm of her hand, the combination of these two cultures have surely a word when she is putting together the finest luxury travel proposals. Part of the incoming team, Joana is responsible for developing the most unique tailor-made programs whether it is for a wine-connoisseur voyager, a cosmopolitan wayfarer or a beach & sun traveler. Flying solo or as a group, for corporate ou leisure reasons, the aim is always high and memorable.
Most amazing trip: Singapure
A must in Portugal: the Douro Valley
Next stop: Australia

Joana S | Incoming Department


Leonor | Outgoing Business Department

Since I started working at Mr. Travel, fresh out of college, more than 10 years ago... a lot has changed. The company grew solid as did our demand in the network that we work with, mandatory for Mr. Travel to create the best tailor-made travels. I handle mostly corporate accounts including managing the aviation details, my preffered area.
Most Amazing Trip done so far: Japan & the road trip accross the US midwest
A Must in Portugal: Pico Island, Azores
Next stop: New Zealand

Madalena | Marketing

Madalena is one of the most recent aditions to the team but had already been in touch with Mr. Travel as a returning happy costumer traveling to New York, the Maldives and the french alpes' ski slopes. She has now crossed to the other side of the agency helping broadcast the top tips in Portugal and all over the world. What a challenge it will be trying to not daydreaming over the keyboard while preparing the images of so many amazing destinations.
Most memorable trip done: São Tomé
A Must in Portugal: Comporta
Next stop: a cruise

Maria Manuel | Incoming Department

Milene | Outgoing Business Department

I work mostly with the demanding business traveler and deal with all the necessary arrangements so that the trip's details (flights, hotel, transfers etc) is never a worry, even if it is an urgent request. Mr. Travel is proud to stand out as a partner that responds quickly to these last-minute challenges but I also find great satisfaction when we have the opportunity to manage these clients' leisure travels as well, making sure they make the most of their time abroad.

Noélia | Outgoing Department

Tailor made programs, this is what I really like to do! Nothing better than listening to a honeymoon couple talking of their dream holiday (which can be anywhere from Asia to Africa), understanding what they really like and then start builiding it up and giving alternatives that eventualy will make their dream come true.
Most Amazing trip ever done: Seychelles
A Must in Portugal: Alentejo
Next stop: Peru

Patrícia | Outgoing Department

I have been at Mr.Travel for more than 10 years and it still thrills me to welcome the walk-ins, get to know them and together find the destination that best fits each one. I am a people person and building memorable experiences is what I do best. When it comes to requests for Disneyland Paris I am usually the organizer since I have been there twice and recommend it greatly as a family program.
Most amazing trip: Cuba
A must in Portugal: The islands. Madeira & Azores
Next stop: Marrocos

Rolf | Incoming Department

Although I have a German father, I have become an expert in the art of welcoming to Portugal, after 30 years of working with incoming. Frequently, I join Luis in the luxury travel world trade fairs representing Mr. Travel and the best we have to share. I love this amazing country, know every one of its miles quite well, from north to south, and have the needed network to stay updated with what's new and what's best.