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and what we are here for

We are people! Actually there are 6 of us here at the office and our aim is to make everything easy: from the pre trip arrangements to the trip itself everything must go smoothly and you should have the time of your life.


It all started in 2001, my husband and I were looking for a business opportunity and Mr. Travel became the option. At first it was only me here and therefore I have a really good understanding of business, from the moment a client calls or emails until the moment he gets back from the trip and of course all management issues. Right now I am more on the back office, management and numbers. Apart from that I have two beautiful kids who take the most of my time!


I am married to Ana! And of course the other founding member of Mr. Travel. When we started back in 2001 I was still working as a lawyer doing tax law. It pleased me but I needed something different and that was the kick to create the company. I love to travel in Portugal and abroad. Sports are also my thing, practiced tennis for too many years to count and still play football (or soccer) and a lot of volleyball (indoors or at the beach). In Portugal my favourite area is Alentejo, specially by the Ocean, amazing beaches.


When I started working at Mr. Travel I was fresh out of college, this was more than 10 years ago... Since then a lot has changed, the company grew bigger and so did my knowledge. Mostly I handle corporate accounts booking flights and hotels and making all the changes of course.


My passion is my family, my two daughters and my husband. But Mr. Travel comes next, I've been here for almost 10 years and hope to stay for much more. I am a people person and that is what I do, all walk ins come directly to my table and usually I am able to help them find a destination or decide on a vacation package.


Tailor made programs, this is what I really like to do! Nothing better than listening to a honeymoon couple talking of their dream holiday (which can be anywhere from Asia to Africa), understanding what they really like and then start builiding it up and giving alternatives that eventualy will make their dream come true.


Although my father is German (and thus the name and the ability to speak the language) I was born and raised in Portugal and have always lived here. I love the country and know north and south quite well. After more than ten years working for other travel companies selling Portugal I joined Mr. Travel in 2013 to broaden the market and help grow the business.